Developing Your Intuition Through Games

Did you know one way to develop your intuition is through simple games? If you want to know how to become psychic, try some of these games yourself to see your intuition increase over time. Before you get started, remember: psychic awareness requires turning off that analytical part of your brain and activating the all-knowing part of your mind.

Developing Your Intuition Through Games

Psychic Solitaire

For this game, you’ll need an ordinary deck of cards. Shuffle the deck and attempt to divide them into two piles, red and black, without looking. Statistically you should be able to manage 26 cards sorted correctly. By developing intuition, however, you can eventually sort forty or fifty cards correctly by sensing their energy.

Once you’ve become rather good at this, it’s time to up the game. Find the 4 aces and place them in front of you, face up. Sort through the rest of the cards, face down, and place them on top of the right ace. The more you practice at this, the stronger your intuition becomes!

Who’s Calling?

You can also use your phone as a psychic training tool. Who hasn’t heard the phone ringing and known, without picking it up, who’s calling? You can develop your own psychic potential by closing your eyes whenever your phone rings and picturing in your mind the person on the other end before you pick up.

You can also adapt this in other ways, like guessing who is at your door, how many emails you will have in your inbox and even who they will be from. For fun and to track your progress, try keeping a journal with the number of right or wrong guesses. Over time, you’ll find your intuition becoming stronger.

Who’s Going to Win?

If you enjoy sports, use every game as a psychic training exercise. At the start of the game, write down who you believe will win — and even what the score will be. Let the answer come to you and don’t look at the injured list, think about past games or use any trivia. Think of the game and sense the winning team’s name. Keep track of your answers over time and you’ll see your ability to predict the winner improves.

Try Reading Auras

Whenever you meet someone new, try to sense their aura. You don’t need to know how to read auras to get a color impression from them and pick up on their dominant color. What feelings come along with their aura? How are they feeling? What are the projecting? Use this consciously every time you meet someone and soon it will come naturally to you and help you make decisions in life.

Use Geometric Shapes

You can also make your own deck of cards with shapes (triangles, circles, squares, a straight line and a wavy line) to help you develop intuition. Place your deck face down and draw a card, one at a time, face down. With each card, write down the impression you get about which shape is on the other side. You can also try this game with a friend.

Don’t Forget Meditation!

While meditation isn’t a game, meditating every day for 15 to 20 minutes is a vital part of developing your intuition. Don’t get upset if your mind wanders, just bring your thoughts back to the meditation. Through meditation, we get in touch with our higher self and tap into our innate wisdom. If you’ve never tried meditation before, you may be more comfortable using a guided meditation. Guided meditation is basically meditation with a guide, guiding you on your own inner journey. As you meditate, pay attention to your feelings and thoughts and think about keeping a journal to learn the answers to your questions.

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