Psychic Intuition – Do You Have Psychic Abilities

It is widely believed that all of us are born with an innate ability to sense the world around us. Most people can recall a situation in which they knew something was going to happen before it actually did. Often, these events are dismissed as coincidence or the ability is simply ignored. When this innate sense of intuition is not embraced and enhanced, it simply lies dormant. Eventually, many people lose the ability to connect to their inner-selves altogether.

Intuition is commonly known by other names, including, gut feeling, hunch, and/or sixth sense. Ultimately, the label this inner wisdom is given is not important; learning to hear it and embrace its message is. Those people that believe in paranormal psychics believe our inner wisdom or intuition is a call from our spirits to act in a certain manner. Sometimes it is a warning, announcing the something is about to happen or someone is in pain. Other times, it is simply feeling like you know what is going to happen next. Intuition is not always associated with trouble or pain. Often, it is simply that voice inside of you trying to speak amidst the clutter of daily life.

One of the reasons that intuition is often ignored is that it can go against common sense or logic. There is nothing logical about the spirit world, and those that try to force it into that type of box are generally disappointed. Just because something appears illogical, however, does not mean it can’t be trusted. In fact, when your inner voice seemingly makes the least sense, it can be even more important to listen.

Intuition doesn’t always come in the form of a voice or thought. Sometimes it can be symbolic, appearing as an image of photograph. When was the last time something or someone spontaneously popped into your head? What did you do with the image? Was it ignored or did you embrace it and follow your spiritual guides. These kind of spontaneous messages happen almost daily – to us all. The only difference between the “common” man and a psychic is the degree to which that voice is embraced.

What should you do if you commonly experience a strong sense of intuition? Does this mean that you are psychic? The answer is different for each person, but generally a person that believes he/she is psychic probably is. Pay closer attention to your intuitions; embrace them instead of immediately dismissing them. Try to figure out what your spirit guides are telling you. The first and most primary way to get in touch with you spirit guides is simply to slow down and quiet your mind. Your inner voice cannot talk if your mind is full of clutter. Meditation can be a great way to access your intuition and become in tuned to it on a deeper level. As with any practice, the more you practice meditation and listening to your intuition, the better that skill will become.

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