Hollywood Psychics Review – What You Need to Know

The psychic network of choice for unnamed actors, politicians, and business people is Hollywood Psychics. This network has steadily built a decent reputation in the field, in spite of their dubious claims. There is nothing on their site bad enough to make you scared, in fact, many people have written good reviews saying that they got good readings there.Hollywood Psychics

Types of Readings

Hollywood physics provide readings on particular subjects like family and friends, sex and relationships, horoscope and entertainment, work and money, and body, mind, and spirit. Hollywood psychics employ various methods for their readings such as chat reading, phone reading, and email reading, and from tarot cards to astrology, each psychic uses method of their choice.

Screening Process

To ensure that psychics working from their site are skilled and authentic, Hollywood psychics put their psychics through various interviews and readings with psychics who are already working from the network. Though the screening is not that tough, the objective is simply to ensure that there are no scammers on their site. The reason why many people pass this screening process may down to charisma over ability, but that information is still unexplainable.

Impression of Website

The webpage is a little cartoonish and awkward and reminds me of a 1950s Barbie doll. Although the quality of readings received does not depend on this factor, but it would have done a lot to make me feel confident of getting the best value for my money and having my questions answered if it is designed professionally and give it an uncluttered look. And I would have favored something safer too.

Price and Special Offers

The typical rates for most of the psychics on Hollywood psychics are $2.29 per minute, but the rate depends on the psychic. Nobody can give precise information whether the price is being set by the network or the psychic. It makes Hollywood Psychics neither the costliest site out there nor the most reasonable. With their free 5 minutes special offer, you can conclude if a particular psychic is good enough for you or not, because you cannot achieve much with this free time. However, in the event that you choose the wrong psychic in the first place, whine away your first five minutes searching for that psychic that is good for you.


Honestly speaking, Hollywood psychics is neither the best psychic network you can find out there nor the worst, but if you like their method and approach, it might be a good catch for you. However, there are many other psychic networks around which can give you value for any amount of money you might spend and your time.

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