How to Gain the Greatest Benefits of Meditation

Once I was talking to a friend about the benefits of meditation and her response was a bit surprising. When I started talking about how much I got from my meditation habits, she said, “I just don’t want to do something that is going to be a waste of my time.”

The truth is, none of us want to waste our time. That is why it’s a good idea to decide in advance what you want to get from meditation and design your program, working with your meditation teacher, so you can get the most benefits of meditation possible. And to be sure, it’s entirely possible to have a meditation program that is not doing a good job for you. So how to gain the greatest benefits of meditation is a good topic to consider both before and as you move forward with your meditation regimen.

What Are the Benefits of Meditation?

The benefits of meditation can be classified into our three general areas of well being which are mental, physical and spiritual. The physical benefits of meditation are realized from greater relaxation. It is well known that stress is a major health risk and meditation can go a long way to reduce stress resulting in better sleep, better digestion and an overall better outlook on life.

The mental benefits as well come from the promotion of the use of alpha rays in the brain. That means in regular language, you are more positive, more at ease, more creative and frankly, more fun when you have had a chance to “go to your happy place” during meditation.

Spiritually meditation forces you to take time in a contemplative state. That is the perfect spiritual and mental condition to reflect on spiritual values and to enter into a stronger communication with the spiritual side of your personality. As your soul gets some attention, your approach to spirituality flourishes.

Good Training

Is it possible to do meditation wrong? Of course it is. Like anything else, achieving the great benefits of meditation are most likely if you work with an expert in the practice who can guide you in designing and sticking with your meditation program. So seeking out good meditation instruction is the first “how to” to help you achieve all of the benefits of meditation that you are looking for.


Meditation resembles the physical discipline an athlete goes through. The difference is you are training your mind and your spirit for prolonged meditative contemplation. That ability to focus your attention and stay at peace in a contemplative state is a major benefit of meditation. But like a good athlete, you have to be prepared to stick with your meditation program to see the benefits of meditation begin to materialize.

Don’t loose heart if at first, the benefits of meditation are coming slowly. A good athlete knows to stick with it because the benefits of your program will kick in. So be patient, stay focused and don’t give up and before long the benefits of meditation will begin to grow and flower in your life.


Our comparison of your meditation routines to an athletic program of exercise is on target with our goal to gain the greatest benefits of meditation possible. You will find your “system” begin anticipating and actually needing it’s time in the meditation process as you move forward with a meditation regimen. That is why it is important to be consistent on both the regularity and the time and place of when you go about putting your meditation program into effect.

You will not be able to get the maximum benefits of meditation if you meditate once or twice one week, not at all the next and then sporadically thereafter. Meditation is a discipline. So make it a point to design your meditation program so you can mediate regularly and routinely to reap the greatest benefits of meditation that you can get.

We join the sentiments of our friend that we talked about earlier that we don’t want to enter into a meditation program and “waste our time.” But by being consistent, being patient and taking advantage of great training from your meditation professionals, you will see the benefits of meditation begin to make significant changes in your life, your health and your state of mind. That that is above all not a waste of time.

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