Finding the Perfect Meditation Instruction for You

There is an ancient instruction from a Hebrew holy text that says “Get Thee a Teacher”. And whether you are religious or not, this is great advice. Meditation itself is an ancient art so it makes sense that we need to seek out the perfect meditation instruction to be sure we are guided to greater and greater success with our meditation exercises.

Meditation instruction to be sure is a discipline where, to say it kindly, some are better than others. So when you are looking for the kind of meditation  that will benefit you most, it is important that you have a way of measuring whether the teacher offering his or her services to you is competent.

But on top of that, meditation instruction can be very different depending on what discipline the teacher is coming from and what the focus of the instruction is on. Some meditation instruction will be focused on the benefit you are seeking. Another might place a high priority on the rituals and historical practices themselves whereas another may emphasize the spiritual side of things. All of these meditation instruction approaches have their own value. But which one is right for you?

Finding a Good One

Just like in any field of expertise, you will find practitioners of meditation instruction who know what they are doing and others who clearly do not. Moreover, there will be a percentage, hopefully a small one, who are “quacks” and all show with no results. So you need some criteria for evaluation the meditation instruction service you are thinking about using. Some great ways to check out whether this meditation instruction service is on track are…

How long have they been in business? If the meditation instruction service has a history of success, they will proud of that and brag on it. They have to be good at what they do to stay in business so you have a right to check them out.

What is their training? Meditation grew out of a number of ancient religious rites and disciplines. For each meditation technique, they should know their history and be familiar with the body of work, from the ancient texts to modern teachings on meditation instruction. Have them “show off” their library and their certificates of accomplishment. Again, they should be proud of these and be happy you asked to know that they are well trained in meditation instruction.

Check out their facility. If the meditation instruction company is professional and well trained on how to help you learn, they will have rooms prepared with the right tools, furniture and atmosphere that is most conducive to meditation. They will also have a library of good meditation instruction books that they can use for reference when they providing you with meditation instruction.

References. This is bar far the most powerful key for knowing that the people you are going to rely on to teach you meditation techniques are experts. By asking people who have used them for their own meditation , you can get first had knowledge on how well they do.

The Variety of Meditation Instruction

It seems the variety of types of meditation are as diverse as the people who take advantage of the discipline. Therefore, part of finding how what the perfect meditation instruction you might seek out is to come to an understanding of the different types of meditation that are commonly used.

Two things will drive the focus on a meditation. The first is the history of the discipline. If the meditation they wish to teach you grew up out of an ancient culture or the discipline of a profession that has long benefited from meditation, then that will make a big difference as to the content and the goals of the meditation instruction you get. The second factor is the goals of the program. For example, a program focused on meditation instruction for women may have an orientation that is significantly different than one that is focused on habit management or on the physical discipline of meditation. Some of the many varieties of meditation include…

    •  brainwave meditation
    •  guided meditation
    •  circadian meditation
    •  Auto Circadian Meditation
    •  Transcendental meditation
    •  Meditation instruction for women
    •  Yoga

What is Your Priority?

Finally, the most important factor in the perfect meditation for you is your goals in using meditation to improve your life. Perhaps you wish to explore the spiritual blessings that a regimen of daily meditation might bring you. In that case, calling upon a meditation instruction program that is grounded in the religious or spiritual community where you are at ease will be the right choice for you.

However, if you are not primarily interested in the benefits of meditation for spiritual uses but you know and desire the positive health benefits that a strong program of meditation instruction can bring to you, you will use that guideline to construct your minimum requirements for the system of learning meditation that you will select and take advantage of.

The time you put into selecting just the right meditation instruction for you is crucial to seeing the kinds of results and realizing success in the practice of meditation that will lead to a life long commitment to the discipline of meditation. So give yourself permission to take your time, do your reading, and get a good understanding of the different kinds of meditation instruction there are and who the quality teachers of meditation are in your community. You will be glad you did.

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