Are Bad Dreams a Sign From Your Higher Self?

Do you believe in a higher aspect of yourself? If you are open to the idea that you are greater than your physical self and that there is a part of you which has a higher, wider perspective of your life then you can get an even clearer understanding of any bad dreams you may now be experiencing.

Think of your higher self as a taller, bigger part of you with a vast over view of every single thing around you. When you are sleeping it is awake, monitoring every single part of your life. In life due to stress your mind may not be very clear and you will find yourself not paying full attention to the things which matter most in your life.

Your daily routine may take up a lot of your attention to the point that you don’t see other things which could be causing you a great deal of harm.

Look at what happens to someone who seems perfectly well one day then suddenly falls down sick and dies within a week. That illness was developing all along but that person over looked the signs which could have stopped it.

In such a case this person most likely got psychic nudges from his/her higher self but may not have known how to interpret the dreams and so dismissed them.

A bad dream is always a reflection of something that is negatively affecting you. Never ignore such dreams. There is a reason why they come and there is a reason why they reoccur again and again. They are a warning sign from your higher self that something within your life needs attention and it needs it fast.

A Series of Bad Dreams:


Having The Chair Pull Out From Beneath Him


One man kept having a series of bad dreams where night after night he would see a large group of men with a symbol on their chest approaching him. These men would walk right up to him and pull the seat from under him. For him the dreams, as well as the characters within the dream were very frightening.

After doing a bit of dream work he realized the symbol within the dream belonged to a rival company to the one he was working for. What he did not yet know was that the other company was in works to buy out his company and the merger date was coming very fast.

This man was going to be one of the men they let go. He had been handling his finances in a really bad way and could not afford to lose his job. Realizing what the dream was trying to show him, he very quickly started to look for something else. Just in time too, he found another job days before this company announced what was about to happen.

This man benefited from analyzing his bad dream. However in most cases most people stay frightened after a series of bad dreams yet do nothing more about it.

Mommy the Creepy Crawly Black Stuff


One woman shares a story of a series of bad dreams her young six year old son had been having. Every night for two weeks her young son would wake up screaming and crying that small creepy, crawly black stuff which resembled spiders were crawling on his leg.

The mom would always console him that everything was OK and it was just a bad dream. She did what most mothers do. They often have limited understanding of dreams or the working of the human mind. So they easily dismiss what they cannot see with their physical eyes.

Approximately three weeks to one month while at school her son developed a problem in his leg. He fell down and could not stand up. At the hospital she later discovered that this child had been experiencing some degenerative disease in his leg which had now weakened his muscle and he could not walk.

It took the mother many months to realize the correlation of the series of bad dreams and the illness that had later affected her son. This little boy’s higher self was trying to alert his mother that something was wrong. However that intuitive psychic communication between mother and child was not there.

The mother even recalls having a dream quite similar to what her son was having, where she saw his leg being eaten up by small bugs. However she dismissed it and thought that it was all just in her mind.

Running For Her Life


One woman had just moved into a new town where she did not know anybody. Within a few weeks of being there she began to have a series of bad dreams where she was being chased by a man. Night after night the dreams came stronger and clearer than ever. She would wake up screaming with terror still feeling herself running for her life.

In this particular case this was a woman who knew a bit about dream work. Going inside of her dream she began to program her dreams to give her answers on what was going on. What she experienced in a new dream was herself watching a man who lived a short distance away from where she now lived. She watched him in the dream as he followed her very early in the morning.

A bit nervous the next morning she kept turning around to see if she was being followed. To her surprise and amazement right behind her was a man following who fit the exact description within the series of bad dreams she had.

He was directing all his focus directly on her. Over the next few days she would encounter that man very early on her way to work. She knew that this situation would lead to a very bad situation based on the series of bad dreams she previously had.

What she did next was to change her work schedule so she could leave at a time in the morning where there were more people on the road. It would take almost a year later for her to get news that another woman was beaten and attacked by that very same man in the neighborhood.

Bad dreams are always an alert or shout out from the higher self that something needs your attention. Unfortunately, most people become consumed by the fear within the dream that they shut it out rather than try to see it as a warning sign.

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