3 Secrets About Dreams You Don’t Know

Do you know about dreams or even the many ways in which you can use dreams to increase psychic power? Chances are you may not, few people do. In fact only a small percentage of people have taken any time to study the meaning of their dreams or what dreams can really do for their lives.

The average person spends seven to eight hours sleeping. If you add that up between forty nine to fifty six hours is spend in bed a week. Imagine how much time that adds up to in a life time!

The average person spends that time in an unconscious state, having not a clue about what is going on. Yet there is so very much that a person can do with their dreamtime too radically enrich their life such as: develop psychic powers, solve problems, get guidance to issues they may be having and so much more.

Sadly only a very tiny number of people know of the power to use dreams to get answers as well as develop their psychic abilities. Yet those who have come upon the knowledge don’t know exactly how to use it. In any case before you can learn how to use your dreams you should know what can be done in dreamtime.

Here are 3 Secrets About Dreams That Can Enhance Your Life


Psychic Detective

Did you know that when you are in the dream state you connect with the minds of everyone else who is sleeping? Yes, that is one powerful secret you may not have known about dreams. In that state there are no walls, no such thing as distance or time and no secrets. You have free access to as much information about anyone you want to get answers about. It is easy to use dreaming for accessing information from the mind of another without their resistance.

Getting the Gold

Here is the second thing you need to know about dreams. A person can often struggle with doing something creative in their life but meet with limited ideas. No matter how hard they try they can’t get a clue. With dreams you can easily program your dream body to give you inspiration or ideas on how to get results. For example one man who had lost his job programmed his dreams specifically to get answers on how to make a certain amount of money. The next morning he woke with an answer that changed his life. If you want to hear the story you can listen to the free audio on Psychic Dreaming to hear step by step what he did.

Influencing Someone in Your Favor

During the dream state a person’s mind is at a receptive open state to the thoughts and feelings of others. Using the art of dream telepathy you can communicate mind to mind with anyone. Of course there is a right way to do it and a wrong way. Knowing how it is done can add some real excitement to how you communicate with others. One woman was trying to reach an aunt of hers to let her know that her only sister was going to die.

Several various methods to contact the aunt failed; it was then that dream telepathy was introduced to the woman who gave it a try. Early the next day her aunt gave her a call expressing concern and worry about a dream she had about her sister.

She was right on target; her niece had succeeded in communicating with her aunt the urgency of what was happening to her sister. By the next day the aunt was in town just in time to spend a few days with her sister before she passed on.

There is so much more about dreams that you may not be aware off. Everything you could possibly have an issue with can be solved using dreaming techniques. You will find that what seemed impossible to work out, change or enhance in your life can be altered in the dream state or at least you can get answers on the exact steps to take to get the help you need.

Now that you know a bit more about how you can use your dreams, what would you use your dreams to do?

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