What do Dreams Mean – Using 3 Step Interpretation Technique

What do dreams really mean? Is a common question everyone will ask at some point in time. Your dreams can leave you with a very nagging feeling when you can’t get an understanding of them, especially when they repeat themselves or turn into nightmares. Philosophers and scientist will tell you that dreams are a figment of one’s imagination, and that dreams aren’t real. However they believe that dreams do reveal the true nature of a person’s mind and their internal conflict with life. In any event the dream is a creation of the individual.

What do Dreams Mean

Mystics however have a different belief about dreams. Many mystics see dreams as a real experience. While you may still be wondering ‘what do dreams mean’, there is still the unanswered question, “Are dreams real?” Based on the level and number of experiences that a person can have in the dream state and the accuracy of information that can be acquire one can lean more to the belief that dreams are a real experience or an extension of a person’s physical reality.

In any case, no matter what you belief about the realness of dreams you have to start with the awareness that your dreams are an extension of your present self. So whatever you dream can only be interpreted by you, as the dream does come out of you. Dream interpretation can be a fun exploration yet for many people it can seem so mysterious and enigmatic. The dreamscape can seem like such a strange reality with pigs flying over the moon, you falling into a pie whole and so on. But, in all honesty the dream realm is not as disjointed as it seems. It’s quite easy to understand dreams once open up to how your inner mind works and how it creates these fantastic scenarios.

One point to note is that dream interpretation books are a waste of time unless they are written in a way to show you how to interpret your own dream. No two symbols can ever mean the same thing to everyone. Each individual will have an association to an image or symbol.

What Do Your Dreams Mean 3 Step Technique…to help you analyze any dream you may have.


  1. The first step in helping you understand the all probing question of, “what do my dreams mean?” is to disassociate yourself from the dream. Act as if you are watching a movie on a big screen. When you temporarily remove yourself from the dream you remove your emotions as well as your rational interpretation. If you saw your teeth flying away with wings from your mouth would you be able to understand what the dream was trying to tell you or you would become so emotional about the possibility of losing your teeth that you would lose sight of the real interpretation. So again let go of the dream and look at it from the outside.


  2. Analyze each symbol within the dream as a part unto itself. Such as what do teeth mean to me? Teeth are for chewing etc. etc. What do wings really mean? What do flying wings mean? Don’t disregard any symbol as too simple or too easy otherwise you may miss the full story of the dream. Honor each and every symbol as all will reveal a full picture.


  3. After you have analyze every single symbol and ask yourself what it all means to you; ask yourself in what rational way does this story fit into my life? Your dreams are a microcosm of your life experience. Your dreams are always revealing a part of your life which you need to focus on.


It is extremely important that you gain an understanding and know what do your dreams mean to your personal life. Your dreams could be revealing a situation that may need your urgent attention. For example what do flying teeth in your dreams mean?  Could it be that you will be hit by a baseball bat causing you to lose your dentures?  Could it mean that you need to get some dental work done before you lose them all? Could it mean that you are losing your bite on something important in your life?

As you can see there is no standard interpretation, no one can ask, what do flying teeth in dreams mean and get one standard answer. The question is, who is the dreamer and what is going on within the dreamer’s life?

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