Understanding Psychic Channeling

Psychic Channeling is a phenomenon that is used by mediums. Mediums are gifted with extra sensory powers and developed intuitions that enable them to tune into other dimensions to communicate with entities outside of their body.

Psychic Channeling

A medium can communicate with an entity in two ways. One is physical mediumship where everyone that is present also experiences the entities presence. The spirit may make its presence known through making sounds on the wall or rapping on the floor. The participants may see a form appear or hear a voice. The second type of mediumship involves the mind of the medium.

This type of psychic channeling is called mental mediumship. Mental Mediumship may take the form of Clairvoyance where the medium alone sees the spirit, Clairaudience, where the medium hears the spirit, or Clairsentience, where the medium senses the spirits presence and thoughts.

Anther type of psychic channeling is trance. Trance is where the medium goes into an unconscious state in order for the entity to take over the mediums body. In this case the entity would talk and use the mediums body to serve its purpose. With this type of psychic channeling the medium is usually trained by a more experienced medium of trance to learn how to go into the unconscious state without injuring or harming them selves.

Also when in a trance there is usually another person present who is not in a trance to help with the spiritual experience or to document it in some fashion. When in a deep trance the psychic channeling experience is not remembered by the medium upon waking up or coming out of the trance.

There is also another type of psychic channeling that readers may use called conscious channeling. This is when the medium does not go into a complete trance and is still conscious but their guide works with them. A medium may use a tool like tarot cards or crystals in this type of psychic channeling to conduct a reading.

Many traditional and indigenous cultures utilize psychic channeling as part of the belief systems. Shamans go into trance to communicate with deities for the rest of the societal practitioners. This is quite normal in non-European societies even today. The American Indians also use trance in many of their ritual practices.

It is said with psychic channeling you will only channel what you are capable of channeling. It says if you are of bad character you will channel a like spirit. You attract psychically what you are as a human being.

If you are greedy the spirit you attract will also be the same. If you are of good character you will attract a spirit of that nature. Psychic Channeling is almost like the saying “be careful for what you ask for because this is what you will get”.

If you are inexperienced or do not know how to go into a trance, I suggest you do not do it without an experienced person of medium trance present. You make take on more than you bargained for and may not know how to effectively deal with it. You may also, when being an inexperienced psychic channeler not knows how to come back. So be careful and get guidance from the right sources.

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