The Difference Between a Medium and a Psychic

Who is a Psychic?

When one hears the word “Psychic”,  the person must take into cognizance the fact this word is actually a blanket that covers a diverse range of people, whom are blessed with Extra-sensory powers. Be it being able to tell future events, make contact with the dead and more. And it is a fact, that every person on this planet has some dose of psychic ability in them, and this includes even you, dear reader.

So one won’t be wrong if he or she says we all are psychics in one way or the other. However, those who actually have a claim to the name “Psychic”, are those who have trained and refined their psychic abilities and skills over the years. Psychics are known to have abilities that enables them to be clairvoyant as a result of the precognitive powers they bear. With some psychics even possessing telekinetic abilities.

Who is a Medium?

When it comes to “Mediums”, one would find that there seems to be an interplay between them and psychics. Meaning that mediums are also psychics. But the catch here, is that not every psychic is a medium. The major thing that a medium does is to serve as a channel/conduit through which the living can communicate with spirits. So in essence, a medium is a special kind of psychic. More like a channel blessed with psychic abilities.

The Differences

It is noteworthy that while some other psychics are predominantly concerned with predicting future outlook, outcomes and events.  Mediums are usually preoccupied with accessing information about the past or the present. Mediums are generally famous for linking people with the deceased and preterhuman spirits (spirits that are not of human origin).

Now the foremost of differences between psychics and mediums is actually how they are perceived by their surrounding communities and the society in general. And so far, one can say that opinion polls do not favour psychics at all. The mediums are, by stroke of providence, the beautiful bride of public opinion. This goes to show that the public, regard mediums way better than their other psychic counterparts.

This is because mediums are seen to be more trustworthy and accurate than psychics. Mediums give specific information, especially about relatives and friends, but psychics give generic information, some of which seems incredulous to people. Mediums can easily prove their abilities instantly, since they deal with the past or present. But psychics are not blessed with such a luxury, since they deal with the future.

Furthermore, psychics use perceptive hearing (clairaudience), perceptive sight (clairvoyance), perceptive sensing and feeling (clairsentience), and perceptive knowledge (claircognizance), which they perceive from people, to give clear and accurate readings. This means that psychics perceive the spirits of people. Hence their powers are “Perceptive” in nature. Meanwhile, mediums receives information from a spiritual source and spirits of the dead, and acts as a channel between these spirits and living humans. Hence, the powers of mediums are “Receptive” in nature.

Another difference between psychics and mediums is that psychics often carry out their works with items such as tarot cards, astrological charts, and palms. And they don’t have any set standards for carry out these practices. But as for the mediums, they only need to convey descriptions of either images or information as provided by the spirits that have significant relationship with their clients.

In conclusion, psychics covers a wide range of people with Extra-sensory Powers, while Mediums are a special specific kind of psychic that communicates with spirits.

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