Types of Psychic Energy

Psychic energy can come to us consciously and unconsciously. Intuition, ESP (extra sensory perception) and PSI (psychic phenomena) are all energy that yields information that says that we’re consciously aware. In addition to people who emit psychic energy, places also emit the same energy, which we can pick up on through our sixth sense. Our unconscious mind also receives psychic energy which can motivate us to do unusual actions out of our character. Only a post-event analysis can determine if it has indeed paid us a visit.

Psychic energy can perhaps be transmitted by a living relative, a dead relative or someone outside of your family when things happen to us that may be considered a lucky coincidence by people who do not believe in this energy.

An aura is an unconscious energy that changes our habits, moods and our psychic appearance. They are colored lights that react to moods, people and places. They may appear as clusters on the head or the entire body as halos. Psychic auras allow anyone to read a person but they do not appear to everyone. You must be aware of auras before you can read auras. As you develop natural psychic abilities you will find that reading auras comes naturally. Hence, don’t try to force an aura to come to you because it will not. If you try to force an aura for someone then chances are that you will read something that isn’t there.

The colors in auras are not static but they do symbolize different things which in turn allow us to extract information from them:

Black aura indicates death or major health problems

Red aura indicates passion, dedication

Violet aura indicates psychic abilities

White aura indicates honesty, integrity and virture

Green aura indicates artistic creativity

Blue aura indicates spiritual, holy and enlightened

Yellow aura indicates someone in spiritual need who needs direction

Gold aura indicates high consciousness

Gray auras indicate negativity, death and mental health issues and other problems

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