Understanding Aura Readings

Aura reading is a non-predictive form of psychic reading. Rather than visualization of the future, aura reading focuses on the present; as the choices we make in the present, create our future. An aura is essentially the energy field surrounding and emanated from a human being. The aura is visible through colors. A psychic reading will embrace this recognition of the connection between energy and the human body. An aura reading will help you get in touch with your own present energy, which can help you to make the most beneficial choices in your life.

Psychic readers use their clairvoyant abilities to read a person’s aura. Auras are visible through colors. These colors can transform, depending on a person’s emotions, thoughts, mood status or health. The colors have well recognized meanings to a psychic reader.

A reader of auras will recognize more than the particular colors. Further meaning and information is available from the shape, size, colors, and clarity or hues of colors. The layers of the aura signify specific information about one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. A skilled psychic aura reader may even be able to see stored memories, and pictures that represent life experience.

Commonly accepted colors in the spectrum of auras are as follows:

  • Gold – Good Luck!
  • Black – Although sometimes perceived as negative, black could also mean someone is depressed or in need of protection.
  • White – Innocence and purity; a sensitive, compassionate person.
  • Grey – Can indicate a state of transition; as a muted color may also indicate fatigue or illness.
  • Brown – As the earth is brown, this color indicates being “grounded”, possible great self-awareness.
  • Red – Indicates a predisposition of anger or aggression; as well as determination and strong will.
  • Orange – Warmth and empathy are perceived in orange, which goes hand in hand with nurturing.
  • Yellow – Yellow hues evidence a happy and cheerful person.
  • Green – Patience shows in green as well as determination.
  • Blue – As deep as the color, so is the person with blue in their aura. They may be very emotional and open, with the ability to influence others.
  • Violet or Purple – The colors in the auras of magical, mystical and psychic people.

This wide spectrum of colors provides the foundation for a psychic reading of a person’s aura. The further understanding of the layers of an aura will add depth to an aura reading. A reading of and aura can be part of a spiritual awakening, an enlightening experience.

Through an aura reading a psychic reader can assist you in becoming more self-aware, which is very empowering. An experience of an aura reading can help you make positive choices today, and move forward developmentally in all areas of your being.

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