How To Strengthen Your Aura

Many scientific studies have revealed that everything is made up of sub atomic particle which are continuously vibrating.  Our bodies are also made of up of such small particles, vibrating constantly and surrounding us in some kind of energy. That energy is often referred as Aura. Aura is the vibration of these particle produced in response of some sort of external stimulation. It is believed that some people of ancient civilizations were able to see these auras. Aura of a human being is more related to his feelings, imagination, intentions and sense of humor. When the frequencies emitted by our mind match the frequencies produced by our clothes, a condition of synchronization is experienced. This can leave a very good impact on your personality.

In order to strengthen you Aura, you must first understand it. Do you give out positive energy and make the room livelier? Or do you prefer staying quiet and embracing silence for peace? Our energies and thr way they affect the people around us define our Aura. You can strengthen it by cleansing your soul to remove negativity from your personality. Subsequent are some tips that will strengthen and improve your aura:

  • Knowing your strong points in your aura is very essential. You can match your aura with the things surrounding you. Renovating your house according to your aura will excite your consciousness in a positive manner. Auric colors should be made your first preference. Using light pink with green color in your decorations is a good option.
  • Colors in your surroundings have a great influence on your thoughts. You can use these colors to change the pattern of your thoughts. Blue color is used for mind relaxing. This is the reason you feel relaxed and free under the blue sky. Likewise, we can say that gray sky drives your thoughts in the direction of gloominess and depression.
  • Some of the specially designed rainbow colored shirts is more likely to increase your aura.
  • A yogic bath is simple but effective. Put baking soda and sea salt in your bath tub and just relax there for about 20 minutes. Repeating this activity for 7 days, will remove all chemicals and toxins from your body.
  • Smoke from the sage smudge stick soothes everything in your surroundings. The best way to get good results is to direct its smoke to each and every part of your body.
  • Spending time with nature is the shortest and incredible way of enhancing your aura. Rays from the sun not only give you vitamin D but also act as a fuel for body. This act is good for your senses.
  • Swimming in the cool, blue sea or fresh water can bring peace and remove negativity from your aura. Taking a cold shower wipes away your negativity, develops better circulation of blood around the body and relaxes your body.
  • Labradorite is a crystal which is used to avoid the leakage in aura. The best thing about it is that it can be worn as a fashion accessory.
  • Different types of frequencies and vibrations might damage your aura.
  • Fragrance of fringed violet does a healing effect to your aura.
  • Observe those places which drain your energy and try not to visit those places.
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