Objectives of Meditation

One of the main objectives of meditation is to silence the mind. Some people say that silencing the mind makes one dumb, mentally slow, or quiet. This is not the case. When the mind is silenced, it is relieved of any stressful thoughts. Silencing the mind during meditation carries over into the awake everyday conscious life.

It can help one to stay relaxed during stressful moments. Or stop one from over-reacting to a small situation because of the space between thoughts. Quieting the mind can create overall well being. It can create a sense of balance with the world, improve ones outlook, improves ones posture, and improve creativity.

Objectives of Meditation

Inducing creativity is an objective of meditation. Many brilliant minds have used meditative states to discover, elaborate, or better understand their next great idea. When the mind slows down it relieves its stresses, then ideas reach the mind without obstacles.

Awareness is an objective of meditation. Being aware helps one to have a better knowing of the self. Being aware of what appears before you during meditation helps one to understand their imagination. Being aware of the breath during meditation helps one to know their breath. Meditating in nature helps you to know your natural self.

Being aware of your thoughts during meditation helps you to understand your thoughts. It’s helps you to understand how your mind works. The thoughts that arise after long periods of thoughtlessness are usually thoughts of a brilliant nature. Being aware during meditation enables one to understand how fluctuations with sound, the breath, nature, visualization, and thoughts will focus the mind, and help you to know yourself better.

It is my belief that the main objective of meditation is to get to the place where you are one with your focus and your thoughts to the point where there is not a thought about it. Just by simply being, and experiencing the moment as transformative thoughtlessness, the mind expands. Thoughtlessness evolves into a variety of mental and physical states which make you feel blissful of pure.

Some say that they cannot meditate because too many thoughts come up. I don’t think that an objective of meditation is to stop the thinking process. I believe in directing your awareness to meditate upon something like sound, or visualization. By doing this consistently the mind will achieve thoughtlessness. Just by coming back to your mantra, breath, sound, or visualization you are meditating. All it takes is conscious commitment, and consistency.

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