How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities Super Fast

Have you ever made a firm determination that you were going to learn how to develop your psychic abilities? And, did you find that after reading a few books on psychic development that you were no closer to achieving your goals? Just about everybody who cares about self-improvement will eventually make the journey to develop their psychic powers.

Psychic Abilities

The development of your psychic abilities can radically enhance your whole life. It has the ability to give you a huge advantage in life. Knowing where to go, how to go, the true intentions of those around you as well as psychic influence are all huge assets to have. However the issue still remains with most people and that is really learning and grasping what they have read in the many courses and books they have studied.

It can take most people many years to develop their psychic and intuitive awareness when it really does not have to. With dedicated work anybody can increase their psychic abilities however the length of time it may take you can be sped up a lot faster.

Before I tell you how to develop your psychic power and how to do it fast let’s tackle some of the issues you may be having which hinder your progress.


Only Special People are Psychic – Surprisingly a lot of people including those who do take the journey to learn how to develop their psychic abilities believe that other people have a special ability and they don’t. As simple as that belief is it creates a mental block which ultimately will limit your success. Naturally if you think that psychic abilities belong to special person you will always find yourself working hard to achieve what is already a natural part of everyone.

You Can’t Visualize – Visualization is a very essential key to psychic development. It facilities mental visions and helps with many of the psychic techniques such as mental telepathy, accessing answers on past and future events and so forth. While visualization is not the only tool to psychic development being able to visualize is a huge advantage.

Another sad issue a lot of people face is actually being afraid of what they see when they close their eyes. That truth is astonishing! After all how can anyone be afraid of their own self? However this fear is more common than not; and it’s common even for people who attend psychic development courses.

Lacking Mental Concentration – Mental concentration is an absolute must in psychic development. Now we are not speaking of holding the mind clearly on a candle for two hours without blinking. Mental concentration is key in such practices as mental telepathy where you are able to transmit thoughts to the mind of others. Most people struggle with a sort of monkey mind. There is always a hopping and jumping of the mind from one issue to the next. This monkey mind prevents the development of psychic powers.

These three issues are the most common problems which inhibit the vast majority from excelling with psychic development. Get past these issues and you will excel in your development.

Here Are a Few Techniques You Want to Apply to Increase Your Psychic Development Fast

The following five techniques should be incorporated in your day to day activities in order to develop your psychic abilities fast. Get a note book and an alarm clock which you will set for five times throughout the day whether you are at work or at home. Every time the alarm goes off take a 5-10 minute break to practice one or a combination of these techniques.

Within the first week you will notice improvements, by the end of two weeks there will be a huge improvement and by the third week you will definitely have clearer mental visions, your ability to accurately know things will astound you and your dreams will improve in clarity as well as your ability to recall them all.

No Special Time Needed 

You don’t have to devote special time in your day just to working on this. What you can start doing is incorporating it into your day by doing little psychic training sessions. When the phone rings try to get a sense of who is calling before you pick up the telephone.

Try to communicate a mental message to a friend before telling them what you want. Every time it works make an actual note of it, this will build your confidence. You can also assess more specifically what you did that time to get it to work.

Take Mental Quite Time

Short sessions of mental quite will build your mental concentration a lot faster than if you leave it for one long session. Again the key to rapid psychic development is to incorporate it into your day.

Improve Your Visualization

Visualization is key in developing your psychic abilities. You can improve it by starting just where you are. Grab something anything; look at it with all of its details. Tell yourself in a clear full statement what those details are. For example if you are looking at a vase with roses, say to yourself. I am looking at a clear vase with red roses.

I can see the green stems; I can also see the leaves and the water etc. Then close your eyes and repeat this detailed vision to yourself. Speaking it out in your mind will help to form the picture. Try this technique with several things. Five to ten minutes at a time is all you need to develop, then perfect this visualization technique.

Follow your dreams

One more powerful tool to develop your psychic abilities is psychic dreaming. Dreams allow you to bypass all the hard effort and long training and it also affords more accurate, information. Another thing is that we all dream and dreams have always been none as a powerful prophetic tool. Get a dream journal, which you will place by your bed side. Every morning you awake make sure to note the first things you recall.

Playing Imaginary Games

Children are great for talking to imaginary characters and living in imaginary worlds. Children whose parents foster this imaginary game play have discovered heighten intuitive ability later on in life. They are the ones some of us call special. However children whose parents stopped them from experiencing or sharing their imaginary interactions lose their intuitive ability.

Luckily you can always reintroduce this imaginary exploration later in life. Get some good music, preferably music which will allow you to get lost in mental exploration. Create a scenario in your mind, one where you get access to your higher self. Ask your higher self whatever question you would like.

Then listen to the answer. The longer you stay in this imaginary realm the stronger your intuitive mind becomes. What starts of as imaginary will blow you away later on as you discover how accurate many of the answers become. The key is to do it as often as possible.

There you have it! One more tool you will need to develop your psychic abilities is a daily journal. No matter how small the improvements are be sure to write them down. As you write them down you can learn from yourself what works, when, why and how. Writing it out also helps to reaffirm to our mind whatever improvements and achievements you make.

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