4 Psychic Abilities You Possibly Possess

“Why didn’t she understand me? I was as clear as could be when I spoke to her?”

“I just don’t comprehend what goes on in that child’s thoughts!”

You must have had such thoughts about the people in your environment right? FYI, No one ever taught me that there are four basic personality types and they are based upon your inner self, your perception, your spiritual world. I prefer to call them the four Gifts of Intuition that psychic abilities; Clair cognizance-“clear knowing”, Clairvoyance– clear seeing, Clairaudience “clear hearing” and Clairsentience “clear feeling”. For the sake of simplicity, I would just name them; intuition, vision, prophecy and feeling.

We all have all these four gifts. Each is important, and no one is greater or lesser than the other. Nevertheless, one could be your main avenue of communication within yourself and without.

The first gift which you have is probably different that the first gift of your closest friend, wife or husband because people generally attract others around them with similar state of consciousness but different gifts. Wow! Do I sound Mystical? Not at all.

Clair cognizance or clear knowing or intuition is the first gift I would want you to understand. If you have this gift, you definitely pick up a thought and hear it in your mind always. Understanding is a very important part of this gift as it facilitates intuition.

Any decision taken by the person is carefully thought out. Individual with this gift are born leaders, if this is your gift, you naturally have a deeper understanding of what life is about and also have time for details. Phrases, thoughts, words, etc. are provided by your inner self and when you follow them, you are most likely to succeed. People with this gift are most likely to get sparks of strong insights that danger is about to happen.

You may also possess the gift of vision, Clairvoyance or clear seeing as you may decide to call it. This translates to you being able to see spontaneous thoughts or information visually. Your guidance communicates with you through pictures or symbols. You’ll be able to organize things easily and would love to arrange things so that there exist a balance and harmony in your environment. You’ll have the ability to see things through the mind’s eye. Things that are only visible on the spirit plane.

If Clairvoyance could be your main gift, you would have a photographic mind and you’ll find it easy to remember names, dates and places that you’ve only seen once. You can visualize how an empty room would look like with furniture in it. You’ll have a keen eye for details. A part of you would love to be neat and organized.

Clairsentience or clear feeling is another psychic gift here. The feeling type her picks up a thought and translates it into feeling. Those who have clear feeling have extreme or well-developed sense of touch. Not literal sense of touch but they tend to sense those around the easily. They know what people are feeling. People like this need to learn how to discern their own feeling from those around them.

It may happen to you like this; maybe you shook someone’s hand and you feel uncomfortable, but you may have accepted the impressions as if they were your own when you were picking up how that person felt at that time.

People with clear feelings love to touch people, things, animals or anything which feels good to them at that time. This feeling gift has your abilities of healing, automatic writing and psychometrics too. Furthermore, people like this, can literately feel the emotions of others, they know when you say you’re fine but you actually feel sad or angry.

Some have clear hearing, this means they have Clairaudience. Individuals like this obtain data, facts, figures, events, statistics, evidence, materials by hearing them in their head. They literally hear what is going to happen in their own voice before it happens. It’s like a little voice is talking to you when you read things. And even when you are alone.

For example; you may receive information about an upcoming occurrence audibly. Like “On Friday, you’ll find a stack of money somewhere” who wouldn’t want that? Individual who have this gift also possess precognition or post cognition.

They know information about the future and the past respectively. This type of psychic abilities verges on telepathy, because the snippets or phrases received usually represent something someone had said. Clairaudient information can take the form of words, phrases, names or even sounds like silver bells or knocking, for example. Any sound or every sound has its meaning and interpretation. These sounds are very symbolic.

Conclusively, most times when we hear the word “psychic” we think most of the time that the person saying it claims to be a fortune teller or someone with supernatural abilities. But the truth remains here that all of us have psychic abilities it is very natural and it is not some New Age concept or pseudoscientific issue. We should learn more about our abilities and channel our gifts into helping others and ourselves too.

Which Psychic Ability is Hidden inside You?


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