Four Ways By Which Clairsentience Might Manifest Itself

If you have ever had a feeling that left you breathless or sensed that a loved one is in some sort of danger; and it actually came to pass. Then you have a high possibility of wielding the gift of Clairsentience.

It is a known fact that there are many theories of everyone having to possess psychic abilities. These abilities serves as the sixth sense, or intuition, or a higher perception level. However, it is  a known fact that some people have been able to develop their own psychic gifts more than others. And these psychic gifts come in diverse forms.

Clairsentience is arguably one of the most common psychic gifts around. It is usually activated a lot of times without a conscious effort. Think of it as being the same way a medical doctor is able to diagnose ill patients, and counselors just happens to know and understand the persons that come to them for help.

Clairsentience loosely means “clear-feeling”, and happens to be the most ubiquitous of all psychic skills. This is the highest expression of empathy there is.

Clairsentience is a gift of being able to feel and experience energy in an intuitive manner. This stream of energy is composed of the feelings of other people, inanimate objects, premonitions, and spiritual insights. Hence, this means that clairsentience is empathy that is focused on other people. Meaning that an empath is able to read and feel emotions that radiate from other people.

Clairsentience embodies all emotions that are involved…from the person that feels them, as well as the original source where they come from. It is one gift that when refined allows for communication with the Divine.

Here are four ways via which Clairsentience can be made manifest:

Instincts/Gut Feelings/Insights

These are sudden epiphanies,  rays of insight, or pulses of instincts which seem to jolt out of the blue. They are all clairsentience in motion. They can come as strong, sudden emotional and physical actions, which tend to elicit either joy, fear or thrills, and stimulate reactions. And most times, these feelings rarely go away, not until one pays attention to them and act on them.

Sympathy and Empathy

Empathy is a psychic gift of a very intuitive magnitude. It affords one the ability to receive transmissions and sensations of someone’s thoughts and feelings. Once someone is a genuine empath with the gift of clairsentience, he or she can actually feel exactly what someone else is feeling. And that is why anyone with the gift of clairsentience is likely to develop some emotional issues, as the sympathy or heightened empathy can stimulate emotional issues in the empath. Some empaths go as far as feeling negative feelings that they know did not originate from them, but from someone else’s feelings.

Physical Sensation

Clairsentience has a way of setting off physical sensations in the body; ranging from pressure to tickles. Some could be tingling sensations especially on top of the head, and it is not surprising, as the head bears the crown chakra. In very extreme situations, physical pains could be felt. An quite often than not, all these sensations, tugging, pulling, nudging, etc, are all meant to point your attention to a certain person or situation, or even a solution.

Emotional Attachments

This happens to be the most unconventional form of clairsentience is actually that of having a deep emotional attachment to some other person. You can literally sense or feel these other people even from a far distance. Even at points when you have obviously broken off your relationship with these people, you still feel helplessly emotionally connected to them. To the point that you can feel their lives’ vicissitude. And if nothing is done to severe this link…you are likely to continue to feel the topsy-turvy and up-and-downs of the lives of these people.

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