Why You Can’t Stay Grounded And The Solution

Although each of us throughout the day are in constant physical contact with the Earth, many of us working on being more grounded find it hard to maintain that feeling all day long.

There are many sign posts that indicate that you have become ungrounded such as feeling mentally, emotionally and energetically drained, speaking too fast, not listening, forgetfulness, shallow breathing, talking too much, a general lack of self control, feeling out of touch with your feelings, restlessness, anxiety, worry, impatience, irritation, fear and the one sign post that is most poignant to the solution offered in this article – a lot of tension in the physical body!

But before we go into how to sustain a state of groundedness, let’s take a look at what is happening that weakens and cuts short our experience of being grounded.

Techniques such as imagining roots growing out of the soles of the feet, visualize breathing in the Earth’s energy while breathing out tension and working with the Root or Earth Star chakra are well known methods these days, and to a degree work simply by the fact that by paying close attention to the body and the breath – we consciously enter into the present moment – the result is grounding.

But unfortunately for many, keeping our awareness in the present moment is far from easy, and so this grounded feeling only lasts for a relatively short amount of time!

Let’s keep digging!…

Most modern day people react constantly to their own thoughts and feelings. This constant reactivity to our own thoughts and feelings causes us to rely heavily on our intellects and emotions to function and give us reference.

This continuous attachment to such transient states as a way to function -creates an excess of Yang energy within our systems. Living in a state of excessive Yang as a modern day Spiritual practitioner or Light worker means that we tend to force, add, direct, store and/or imagine energy as a way to ground ourselves.

The problem is, is that we are using the very things that un-ground us to ground us – namely our intellects and our emotions!

This planetary Yang imbalance ultimately is an imbalance of both Yin and Yang and has naturally influenced how we think and therefore how we live. As a result of this collective excessive intellectualization and emotional reactivity – mainstream sources of Spiritual information too have been shaped by this inertia.

Now that we have looked at what is happening to weaken and cut short our grounded experience, it is time to look at how to realistically sustain a state of groundedness.

The answer – gravity and the physical body.

Gravity is one of the most powerful forces on the planet… all the time! Your physical body is also one of the most powerful forces on the planet… all the time!

It is logical to include your physical body in your grounding practice, but so many people do not do this.

Our physical body has the capacity to release huge amounts of tension that block the flow of the Earth’s energy into our bodies. Simple, basic mechanics clearly shows us that the structural integrity of our physical body far outweighs the structural integrity of our transient thoughts and emotions… no matter how solid and permanent they can seem at times!

Ancient practices such as Nei Gong and once upon a time Yoga, were designed to literally re- train the ‘vessel’ in becoming a powerful Spiritual tool for release – release of not only physical tension, but mental and emotional tension also.

The key to staying grounded all day requires that we first understand the Spiritual purpose of our own physical body and then consciously use our body as a ‘filter’ for releasing, not through brute force and other Yang fire methods, but through dissolution water methods.

This is the key to not only becoming progressively more and more grounded, but the way to awaken your ‘Ascension Body’ – revealing your true Spiritual gifts and abilities!

For your consciousness to fully ground, the physical body must become a ‘temple’ – from which derives the saying – ‘The Body is the Temple’.

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