Types of Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is very broad form of extra-sensory-perception that essentially means clear seeing. It refers to the deeper layer of impulse energies that is not normally seen by our six senses. This ability can be broken down into five sense based subcategories though please note that the interplay between each is quite dense and ambiguous.

Clairsnetience is ESP manifesting through touch or root feelings. This is probably the most common form of Clairvoyance as it encompasses the deeper emotional layer. Most people will tune into this sense daily, without intention. I’m sure you’ve personally felt those deeper vibrations of other people. At times you just know how they are feeling even if they’re not around, you just know.

Clairaudience is the ESP of sound vibrations and sonic information that is not normally audible. Sometimes we think we hear something that seems to come from nowhere. Quite frequently this is simply information below our threshold for perception. Some people who are exceptionally tuned to this ability are become literally tortured by it. In extreme scenarios even wearing ear plugs or shutting away in isolation will not pacify their sense.

Clairalience is the ESP of smell. It’s the best example of the interplay between these sub abilities as smell is actually a subtle form of taste. Our world today is so over-stimulating in so many ways. Smell is frequently one of the more overlooked senses. It’s something we frequently hide from rather than embrace.

Though people who are exceptionally well tuned to this ability can discern incredible amounts of information from just a single smell, even one way below our regular perception. The air may look empty to our eyes, but it’s filled with particles of dead blood cells, pheromones and even ancient memories. Clairalience is certainly one of the more fascinating abilities. Personally, I find that the clearer my sight becomes the more beautiful and smelly the world seems.

Clairgustance is the ESP of taste and is rooted rooted into our belly. At some time in your life, I’m sure you’ve felt that interplay between being nervous and an upset stomach. Taste is so closely linked to our most primal emotions like fear, anger and inner peace. There’s an ancient yogic saying, “eat to live, don’t live to eat,” and i think this pretty much sums up why our world is so often so numb to this ability.

Claircognizance is the ESP of simply knowing without knowing. It means you have this sense of something but no knowledge in any sense how you could know it. This is the most timelessness sense. It’s the sense that connects us with the stars, our ancestors, our earth, and even our eternal soul. It’s the most ambiguous sense by far and could be referred to as God himself.

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