The Hierophant? Is It Good To Appear During Tarot Card Readings?

To set things straight for those who are new to Tarot, The Hierophant has nothing to do with an elephant being a hero. The Hierophant was the name for a priest in ancient Greece and over the years, it has come to denote any kind of spiritual minister, teacher, mentor, etc. The Hierophant is the sixth card in the 22 trump cards (Major Arcana) and is associated with the number 5. In some decks, it is known as FAITH or THE POPE.

If the card is drawn in a reading, it is a representation of education and spirituality. That means that you may be considering taking a new course of study which adds to your qualification in structured institution such as a university/place of work. You may use your inner wisdom or a professional such as a teacher, mentor or therapist in the real world for advice to assist you on your journey.

At work, your boss may be an inspirational leader or others may see you as somebody they can come to for advice. Or, there might be an inner calling for you to work in a career to help others who need guidance. If you are a business owner, it may show that you need sound and non-judgemental advice and guidance of professionals such as a lawyer, banker or business-angel to assure your success on your next milestone.

In a spiritual point of view, you may be guided to follow a new conventional path, such as an organised religion which gives you a spiritual outlet.

If you are facing a roadblock in your own thinking, allow yourself to ask for help, especially from others that know better and are experienced. Be humble and courageous, as you are investing in yourself and moving forward for the better.

In a relationship reading, it may represent a commitment and possibly indicate marriage. You are comfortable with your partner and he/she can be the adviser to each other in the relationship. However, if you have fixed beliefs and refuse to seek professional advice, you may be viewed as being rebellious and inflexible. In the case of relationships, you might be thinking of divorce.

Sometimes The Hierophant card signals lessons learned. We have all gone through the period of difficulty, and we have all may have been swallowed by the anger, grief and stress that comes with it. Take the time to ask yourself, “What did I learn from this situation? What did it do to make me move forward?” These questions will help you process and release your past much more quickly.

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