Signs of a Spiritual Awakening

The signs of a spiritual awakening are similar to the signs of a physical awakening when we try to get out of bed.

First of all, in physical awakening we reach a point in our consciousness when we are no longer satisfied with just lying down in bed. We are tired in just lying down. Our body is telling us to rise up. The sign here is the uneasiness we feel as we lie in bed. This uneasiness gently pushes us to wake up.

So also, in spiritual awakening we become aware that we are no longer satisfied with the state of our spiritual life. Our spirit is telling us to move on. This is the sign of spiritual uneasiness. We are not satisfied with our state of spirituality. We want to rise above our current level of spirituality.

Secondly, in physical awakening the light being shed over our eyes by the early rays of the sun (if we are not sleeping in a room closed to incoming light) would activate the nerves around our face to tell us that it is morning already and that we need to wake up and do our work. The sign here is the flash of light over our face, first faint, but it gets brighter as the morning moves on.

So also in spiritual awakening the light from the Spirit who brings to birth all other spirits would shine on our spirits to signal us that it is already the morning of our spiritual life and that we have work to do. The sign here is the enlightenment of the Spirit falling upon our consciousness, telling us that it is time to wake up from our spiritual slumber and rise up to do the work he has assigned for us to do.

Thirdly, in physical awakening we wake up because back of our consciousness we have planned already a work to be done during that day. Usually during the night before we sleep we are thinking of our work the next day. So when morning comes, our mind remembers this work and we are led to wake up to do this work, whether that work is part of our daily routine or something that is out of the usual routine.

So also in spiritual awakening the sign that we are going to awaken spiritually is that our spiritual consciousness tells us that there is much work to be done for others in the world. And so we wake up spiritually. We come to our spiritual senses, as it were.

Fourthly, in physical awakening sometimes we are awakened because there is a danger that faces us. Somebody is shouting that a house has caught fire or a burglary is occurring. We are awakened by a strange sound and we rise up to see what the meaning of this strange sound is. This may be accompanied by a state of confusion.

So also in spiritual awakening we may be awakened by somebody shouting at our spirits that there is danger around. This shouting may come from a preacher who tells us that we are in danger of getting lost in our lives, we are slipping away from the meaning of our existence. It may come from a book we are quietly reading, telling us that the earth is being engulfed in a danger of immense proportion.

The sign here is this shouting of danger heard by our spirits. This danger may be the prevalence of wickedness around. Because of this somebody prays for it, a form of shouting to heaven, an acknowledgement of sins and failures. Confusion may ensue but enlightenment follows with the spiritual awakening.

Fifthly, in a room of crowded people sleeping, such as in a transport terminal or in an evacuation center, physically we wake up because we sense somebody else has already waken up and soon all the others will be awakened also. We do not want to be the last to wake up. So we wake up. The sign here is the motion of the first risers from sleep.

So also in spiritual awakening there are others who wake up ahead of us and we heard about them or read about them and we also want to wake up spiritually, that is. We are curious what this spiritual awakening is that is happening to other individuals. And we do not want to be the last to wake up spiritually. The sign here is the initiative of these pioneers in spiritual awakening.

All over the world spirituality has become a favorite topic of discussion, especially among sociologists and business people. We do not want to be the last to take advantage of these new developments in society and the business world.

Sixthly, in physical awakening we may be awakened by hunger and/or thirst. We feel we are hungry and we need to wake up, rise and prepare something for breakfast. The sign here is our feeling of physical hunger. This feeling tells us it is time to wake up. Those who have consumed alcohol the night before would feel thirsty in the morning. A cup of cold water or another round of alcoholic drink is what they crave for, now that they are alcoholics.

So also in spiritual awakening we feel spiritual hunger or spiritual thirst, our spirits are hungry for better things in life, not just more of this world’s goods such as wealth, or physical pleasure or fame. Our spirits are longing for the values that ultimately matter, like enduring love, encompassing care for the environment, compassion for the disadvantaged in life.

Seventhly, if we are on an excursion or field trip on a high mountain we may be awakened by a desire to see the beautiful view around us. We can hardly wait for the first streaks of dawn to reveal the beauty of the plain before us.

So also in spiritual awakening we may have begun an adventure in the walk of the spirit and we can hardly wait for the unfolding of this spirit before our eyes and so we wake up spiritually to behold this splendor displaying its wonder within us. The sign here is the desire to contemplate this spiritual beauty within us. We want to experience our oneness with others and the entire universe.

So, these are the seven signs of a spiritual awakening:

1) spiritual uneasiness, dissatisfaction with our state of spirituality;
2) the enlightenment of the Spirit coming upon us, enlightening our existence;
3) the consciousness of work for others, not for our own only, a sense of mission;
4) the shouting of danger heard by our spirits;
5) there is an initiative of others in spiritual awakening;
6) the feeling of spiritual hunger or spiritual thirst, our spirits are hungry for better values in life;
7) the desire to contemplate the spiritual beauty within us.

Now these seven signs can be experienced individually or socially. It can be experienced by one person or by a group of persons or even a whole nation. A nation can be so dissatisfied with the spiritual state of its citizens that people will begin to pray for its awakening spiritually. This happened to England in the time of George Whitefield and the Wesley Brothers in the 18th century.

A prophet may arise and shout that there is danger to the nation or to the churches. And then pockets of people hear this shouting. This happened to A. W. Tozer, the prophet of the 20th century. Today we are benefiting from the shouting of this prophet. And shall we go on to recount the beauty of the inner consciousness revealed to us by Eckhart Tolle of our own times, when simultaneously more than 2 million people participated in a seminar series last 2008 hosted by Oprah Winfrey over the Internet about the coming forth of a new earth, dubbed as “the first world teaching seminar, free of charge, on the internet!”?

Spiritual awakening is happening all around us. The signs are all there! Woe to the person who goes on sleeping in these exciting times of the Spirit.

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