Life Is Full Of So Many Wonderful Opportunities

Wow, in the Big Apple one week and off to the Eternal City the next. I do have to say, as cities go, these two are my personal favorites. New York being my home town and all, will always live deep in my heart. Rome is such a rich blend of new and old, art and modern science. There is truly a deep connection with a rich history in doing yoga in this region.

Life is full of so many wonderful opportunities, It just bewilders me how we continue to throw them away. Why must we always judge and fear? For when we live from the riches of our hearts, all things are possible. This is why I continue to teach and make my DVD’s. In the hopes that I can humbly inspire people to reach out and embrace their lives. Reach out and hug their fellow man. They sure know how to hug in Rome, both men and women and woman and woman. And yes, man and man. It’s all good.

The response to my press tour in NYC has been mesmerizing. Everyone of the editors embraced the concept. Everyone loved the brilliant graphics by the Illusion Factory. And know they’re pouring in the accolades about the DVD’s themselves. Life is grand and we owe it to ourselves to live it this way. Let’s make this next year about spreading the word of our practice with everyone we can. If more people practiced, more people would smile.

Oh by the way to those of you out here in LA with me, keep your fingers crossed, cause I’ve found the perfect location in West Hollywood and we put in a bid for the property today. I haven’t forgotten any of you on that side of the hill and I can’t wait to return. in the meantime keep up the practice, “The Sedona Experience” is the way to go.

I just want to reiterate on Sedona once more. The magnitude of its beauty was more than overwhelming and as I teach from inspiration moment by moment, I believe much of this natural impetus was captured on our DVD series. For over a dozen years now I’ve been teaching what comes to me as the class unfolds and not what some book or someone has deemed what I should teach. Never more than the days we spent practicing under Sedona’s beauty have I been more inspired. This is why I believe “The Sedona Series” to be such a wonderful accomplishment.

I am planning some special workshops in Los Angeles in the coming months. If you have a special request for a workshop, I would love to hear about it. We are starting our teacher training in the Spring, email us for details. Our shopping gallery is growing exponentially now. We are very excited about the many new products that we have created and assembled for you. I know you will be thrilled too.

I’ll wrap this blog up by saying thank you to all of you beautiful people out there, your practice and support brings joy to my heart. Please feel free at any time to drop me a line and I’ll respond as quick as I can.

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