Let the Answers Be Revealed: The Best Questions to Ask a Psychic

The best questions to ask a psychic depends on the issue you’re struggling with. Love, money, career? Find out how to steer your reading in the right direction.

The psychic industry in the US has been growing steadily since the recession. If you’re thinking about reaching out to a psychic for advice, you’re not alone. People from all walks of life are turning to psychics to help them find answers.

A psychic reading isn’t a magic solution to all your problems though. To get the most out of it, you need to ask the right questions. Let’s look at some potential questions to ask a psychic.

Prepare Yourself for Your Reading

Before you connect with a psychic for your reading, take a few minutes to get centered. Set an intention for getting a helpful reading. Preparing yourself ahead of time will strengthen your connection with the universe, which will help the psychic get the right feedback.

You should also think about what area of your life you want to explore. Are you looking for help with love? Do you want advice about your career or financial situation? Are you in a bind with friends or family?

Do you want to discover more info about your dreams? Think about what it is you want to resolve so you can focus on that during your conversation.

Right and Wrong Types of Questions to Ask a Psychic

Open-ended questions are the best type to ask. They let the psychic get a wider range of information in the reading because they don’t paint the answer into a corner. Try not to ask too many yes or no questions.

If you do have yes or no questions that you want to be answered, make sure they are black and white. You want the answer to either be 100% yes or 100% no, nothing that could go either way.

Passive Questions

Stay away from passive psychic questions like “Will I get a promotion?” or “Will I get married?” These are yes or no questions that don’t have a clear answer.

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The future is not pre-determined so there are many things that can affect these outcomes.

Reassurance Questions

Another type of question you should avoid is reassurance questions like “Should I move to a new city?” or “Should I ask my girlfriend to marry me?”

These questions are once again yes or no answers and they tend to paint you into a corner. You’re better to ask the universe for guidance along the same lines, such as “What guidance can you give me about my love life?”

Restrictive Questions

Along the same lines, questions like “When will I get married?” or “What city should I move to?” are too restrictive. They don’t leave enough space to get good feedback from your psychic because they have a certain amount of assumption built in about the outcome.

Keep These Things in Mind

Your mindset has a bearing on the reading. If you start by being close-minded to certain outcomes, it’s going to limit the effectiveness of the reading. Remember that where you are today doesn’t have to influence where you will be in a month, a year, or ten years down the road. Don’t let your current situation cloud your outlook on your goals.

Worry and negativity can also limit the effectiveness of your reading. They create negative vibrations with the universe and can cause your reading to go in that direction as well. Don’t worry about what you might hear from the psychic. Instead, be open to hearing whatever it is they have to tell you.

How you end up reaching your goal may not be how you expect. In fact, in most cases, it won’t be. The end goal is what’s important, so enjoy the path you take to get there, whatever it might be.

What to Ask a Psychic

Now that we’ve covered what you should and shouldn’t ask in general terms, let’s look at some effective questions you can ask. These questions can apply to almost any part of your life so think about how you can use them for the particular things you want to learn more about.

  • What would the universe want me to know about my love life, my career, my financial situation, etc?
  • What are some things I can do to improve my relationship, my health, my career, etc?
  • I need help healing my marriage, friendship, etc. What can the universe tell me?
  • I want to achieve my highest good for this part of my life. What guidance does the universe have for me?

Go back to one of the first steps we covered, figuring out what part of your life you want to get help with. We’ve included some examples in these questions but they work for virtually anything.

Try to focus on a particular area for any given reading. A psychic reading isn’t a drive-thru menu – if you try to pick and choose a combination of different areas to cover, you probably won’t get good feedback on any of them. If you have several parts of your life that you want to get help with, you’ll get better results by getting separate readings for each of them.

Working with the Psychic

Every psychic is different. They receive their information in different ways and have their own ways of approaching the reading. You may not feel a connection with them so if that’s the case, don’t be afraid to end the session. If the connection isn’t good, it can affect the reading and you may not get the right feedback.

Many psychics offer a short amount of time for free as a way to test the connection. Use this free psychic question time to decide if they’re the right fit. If not, try someone else.

At the same time, don’t expect to get answers to your questions in the first couple of minutes. You need to be present and open to the reading. Give it time to make a connection with the psychic so they can get the best possible information to help you.

The Questions Are Only Part of the Equation

The questions to ask a psychic are important but your mindset and how you approach the reading is just as important, if not more so. Don’t treat it like you’re ordering off a menu, think of it as an entire experience. You’ll get better answers and will be able to make positive changes in your life.

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