How To Ask The Right Psychic Questions: The Dos and Don’ts

Are you planning to go see a psychic but don’t know what questions to ask? Or you may have a written list of inquiries but you’re still in doubt if they’re the right ones? To get worthy and helpful answers, you need to ask the proper questions – questions that could show a sense of direction regarding your concerns. If you don’t know how to ask the right questions for your reading, here are a few reminders you can use as a guide:

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Do organize your thoughts first

The questions you should ask during a reading should not just be anything that pops out of your mind, or else, your reading might not be as insightful and thorough. It’s very important to prepare ahead of time. Think about what areas in your life that are very significant and then prioritize your questions according to what matters most. The highest priority should be the first questions asked. Leave the less important ones at the end of the list.

Do ask open-ended questions

Open-ended questions yield detailed explanations and satisfying answers rather than queries with “yes” or “no” answers. “What will happen if I take that job promotion?” is more open-ended instead of saying, “Should I take that job promotion?” which leaves room for limited answers. Phrases starting with What, How or “Show Me” are very useful in forming open-ended questions. Here are a few more examples:

How can I help my child during this time?

Show me in what ways can I improve myself?

What am I lacking that is preventing me from doing my job well?

Don’t go broad. Be specific.

“What is my future?” will not give a direct and accurate answer because it is very general. Your questions should be specific to produce specific answers. It should focus on one aspect of your life one at a time – It might be about your career, social life or marriage. “Can you show me the possibilities if I marry my current boyfriend?” is more specific and could help you receive clearer insights.

Don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions or clarification

Often times, additional questions may suddenly come up during a reading. It’s always a good idea to bring a piece of paper during your session to jot down new questions immediately. You might also want to clarify some information given to you. If you misunderstood something, don’t be intimidated to ask for more explanation. It’s your personal reading and you are paying. However, don’t interrupt while your psychic is still reading to avoid breaking the flow of energy. Just take notes quickly and wait for your turn to talk.

Do focus your questions on you and your life

Seeking for psychic advice is meant to develop self-awareness and offer choices in life. Don’t go asking questions about other people like “Do you think my officemate Jane gossips about me?” or “John broke my heart, what should I do to get my revenge?” These kinds of questions are unethical and not empowering. How others behave is not in your control or the reader. And a good genuine psychic would discourage you to ask such questions.

Don’t ask questions to get a medical diagnosis

Feeling sick? Then go see a doctor. Psychic consultations should never take the place of seeking medical advice. It’s also unethical as well as risky for your health.

Forming proper psychic questions is an easy task if you know how to choose the right words. So phrase your questions carefully – it will greatly benefit you.

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