Chakra Meditation

This meditation is great to practice any time of day, but especially good in the morning, after you’ve woken up. It helps to awaken and enliven the energy centers or chakras in the body. So let’s begin now.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. Hold it for the count of three, two, one. And let go. Just letting go of all cares, all thoughts, all concerns of the day. Just allowing all the stress, all the tension to begin now to fade away.

I want you to begin to pay attention to the breathing, following the breath in and following the breath out. And if your mind begins to wander, all you need to do is gently bring your attention back to the breath. Continue this now for a few moments.

Now I want you to imagine that there is a powerful, white, healing light flowing from the top of your head, getting brighter with every in-breath, filling the top of your head, with that golden white light. Allowing that white light to wake up the feeling in the top of your head. And just allowing all muscles, all the skin, all the sensation from the top of your head to relax completely now.

Your forehead, feeling that white, golden energy in the forehead. Just allowing everything there to relax, feeling that relaxation and that golden energy as you breathe.

Just allowing that energy now to begin to sink and drop into the neck and the throat. Any saliva in the mouth can be swallowed. The feeling of that golden, white light. Now allow everything in your neck and throat to relax completely now.

And again, moving down to the chest, the upper chest, and the heart, allowing that golden, white energy to begin to collect in the chest, filling your entire body with that warmth. Just allowing everything to relax. Your arms can relax. Your fingers can relax. And any other tension that may be there you can allow to relax. Feeling that energy in the chest.

And now allowing that golden energy to sink into the upper part of the stomach, feeling that golden, white energy collecting there as another wave of relaxation, spreads through your entire body. You can feel that energy radiating, warming your body.

Below the stomach, feeling the energy collecting there like a balloon.

All your body now relaxed. All the muscles loose, all the muscles soft… as that golden light energy now sinks to the base of your spine. Your upper legs, knees, all relaxed. All go soft. Feeling that energy warming, radiating, renewing. With each breath you take, you can feel that sense of relaxation deepening. Down to the feet, your toes, all relaxed. All soft.

Feeling your connection to the earth, the ground. And making sure your posture is straight, your spine is straight, your head in alignment. You can now become aware of your whole body.

And the energy moving through you, feeling that warmth through your entire body, the top of your head, the forehead, your throat, your neck, your chest, your heart, your solar plexus, and your stomach, lower stomach, base of spine, feeling the energy there, connecting to your entire body, legs, knees, and your feet.

Now feeling that golden, white energy moving through your entire body. Energizing every cell. Working its way through every part, every atom, every molecule. Bringing a sense of energy, a sense of peace, and a sense of renewal.

As I leave you now to enjoy this feeling for a moment.

And now you may continue this meditation for as long as you wish, but if you wish to end the meditation now, you may do so by opening your eyes and taking a deep breath.

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