Awaken Your Divine Purpose

What has God deposited in you that you are not using? That is a question that we all should ask ourselves from time to time. Many of us have God-given gifts that we are not using. And many times we are sleeping on our divine purpose without even realizing it. It is time for you to awaken your divine purpose and live the life you were created to live, and leave the legacy you were destined to leave.

A big mistake that we often make is thinking that we have tomorrow to fulfill our life purpose. We have to take action while we are blessed to have the opportunity. We can’t continue to put off things until tomorrow when we have the inner power to get moving today. When you finally decide to take steps of faith into the life you were born to live, it is like God breaths on your efforts and empowers you to succeed in a way that blesses you and those you are called to serve, beyond anything you can even imagine.

I remember for years and years I didn’t live a purposeful life. Now that doesn’t mean that I was living a life that wasn’t enjoyable, but clearly something was missing. I just went from day-to-day feeling incomplete. I knew that God had more for me but I wasn’t quite sure how to bring my feelings into reality. And it wasn’t until I unexpectedly lost my nursing job due to corporate downsizing that everything changed. When God allowed me to be released from my job I began to realize the amazing life that He had planned for me. What looked like a obstacle was one of the best opportunities I have ever experienced.

When I was blessed to awaken my divine purpose I began to experience a new zeal for life. I transitioned from employee to entrepreneur and God has blessed me to do some phenomenal things. Being an entrepreneur can be part of your divine purpose. And if it is a part of your purpose you can connect your purpose to your business and manifest an abundance of happiness, fulfillment, and divine prosperity. Awaken your gifts to heal, encourage, inspire and motivate others. It could be one of the most rewarding decisions you make. Become committed to get to the place God has called you to.

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