Why Can’t Psychics Predict The Lottery

One of the first things that skeptics say about psychics is, ‘if they’re really psychic why don’t they just predict the winning lotto numbers and retire?”. Why is it that psychics are able to accurately predict the futures of individual people, but they aren’t able to do the same for winning the lotto or other means of rigging gambling games?

There are actually several theories as to why psychics aren’t able to predict the winning lotto numbers, but it depends on where you think these psychic powers come from.

Powers of the Mind

If your school of thought is that psychic powers are a part of the untapped recesses of your mind, then it makes sense that there is a limit to that power. After all, people learn how to play music and develop their musical skills, but not everyone is going to be a famous composer. There is a limit to what each of us can do.

In order to be able to pick out the right numbers a huge amount of psychic ability would have to be present. No psychic is correct with their predictions 100 percent of the time. The chance of honing in on a specific lottery draw, on a specific day, and correctly choosing the exact six numbers, is near impossible.

In the grand scheme of things the lottery draws are small and insignificant events that happen on a weekly basis all over the world. These draws don’t take up a lot of energy and they don’t feed into anything cosmic. When a psychic is reading you, they are tapping into the high points and low points of your personal past, present, and future. These events stand out and are easier to see than what you might have had for breakfast this morning.

A psychic is making a connection both to you and to your lifeline during a reading. They aren’t connecting to everyone that you have ever come into contact with, that would be too broad and too difficult. The more a psychic is able to see your peaks of energy in life, the better the reading will be and the clearer they will be able to see what is happening in your life. Big events create ripples in your life, flowing both forward and backward; which are easier for a psychic to pick up on.

Powers of Spirit

There is also the school of thought that psychic powers do not come from the psychics own mind, but from an outside source; like spirit. If this is the case than the spirit who bestowed this gift will also have some say, and potentially some control, on how these abilities are used. This would make it a lot harder to use the psychic gifts for personal gain or to cheat.

If a psychic is able to talk to people that have passed over, it is highly unlikely that those that have crossed are keeping tabs on the lotto numbers. They are more likely coming forward to give advice and help on what is substantial and real in your life. Plus, there is no reason to assume that a deceased loved one has any special powers that they didn’t possess while on earth.

It is also difficult for these psychics to get specific and crystal clear information from the deceased. Those that have passed on no longer communicate in the same way that we do while incarnate. They have to use symbols and gestures in order to get their messages across. Trying to express the winning lotto numbers for a specific date would be very difficult for the spirit to express and for the psychic to understand.

There is also a huge ethical reason behind psychics not using their abilities to win lottery money. These ethical reasons are actually an obstacle, in and of themselves, for why psychics can’t pick up on this information. Learning the winning lottery numbers and using that information for personal gain holds the potential for altering the future. This means that the psychic won and the person who should have won doesn’t.

This creates an ethical issue and makes the psychic responsible for the events that happen to the intended winner of that lotto drawing. Plus, in many mainstream religions gambling is looked at as a vice. Most positive forces wouldn’t put their energy towards these potentially negative vices.

The more that you start to explore the power behind psychic abilities and the chances of winning the lottery the more you get into the complexity of the issue. It doesn’t matter where you think psychic powers come from, it is clear that they are not meant to be used for personal gain, but rather a force of positive transformation.

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