The Guide to Setting the Right Expectations for a Psychic Reading by Email

Email has brought an exciting range of new opportunities for gaining psychic insight on your destiny from the comfort of your own home. Email psychic readings are one medium among a slew of new, technologically enabled methods for gaining a preview of your future without leaving your home; other popular methods include live text chat, video calls, and telephone conversations.

Of all of these, email is the most relaxed and often the most affordable, but it’s important to understand the limitations of the medium. Below are some important details you should consider before enlisting the services of a psychic via email.

Psychics Are Psychics, but Make Sure the Medium Works for You

A psychic is a psychic, whether they’re communicating via email, text, phone, or in-person. In fact, most trained psychics of the modern age use a multitude of different communication methods to reach as many people as possible. They’re experienced in taking advantage of each platform to make the most of their time. What they may lack in personal connections through eye contact and body language, they make up for with the time and flexibility enabled through online communication.

To this end, the most important factor in determining your chosen method should be you. Are you comfortable with technology? Do you feel like you can adequately express your questions and concerns for the future through written questions? Are your questions specific enough that they could be answered without a lot of back-and-forth communication?

Will you value having a detailed, written account of the psychic’s insights? Does the time flexibility of written communication appeal to you? If so, email is likely your best option. On the other hand, if you value the personal touch of direct conversation and you would like a psychic’s guidance in asking the best questions to discover the details of the future, you may want to consider a telephone or live-chat psychic reading.

Understand the Limitations of Email

Obviously email has some major limitations. Often, it’s the minute details of interactions with psychics that give them the perspective they need to make accurate predictions; that kind of detail is lost in email. Questions and responses are limited in number and size. But for getting direct, honest, insightful answers to specific questions at your own convenience, nothing beats email.

Know How to Ask the Right Questions

Usually, when requesting a psychic reading by email, you will be asked to input details including your name, date of birth, and specific queries in an online form. This helps ensure that your psychic will have all the details they need to make an accurate reading. Since you have a limited number of questions you can ask (per email—keep in mind you will have the opportunity to connect with the same psychic again at any time), the scope of your questions is vital. Think big picture, and think about how best to group and prioritize your queries.

Let’s set an example: You want to know if a particular relationship with a special person in your life will work out. You may be tempted to ask a pointed question like, “Will we marry?” or “Will we remain together?” when a more important question might be, “Will we be happy together?”

Generally speaking, the broader your question, the more universal feedback you’ll receive. This may be helpful in navigating your present and future. On the other hand, answers to overly vague questions may leave you with even more questions than you had to begin with.

Getting a psychic reading by email is a perfectly legitimate, effective way of gaining insight on your future. It may not be for everyone, but the flexibility and convenience it offers, not to mention the comfort, confidentiality, and lasting results of a written statement, can be invaluable.

Email psychic readings are also a great jumping-off point to more direct methods of communication. Take some time to contemplate the limitations and you’re sure to find the results astute, revealing, and helpful.

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