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Why the Best Online Psychic Readings Will Never Involve a ‘Curse’

Connecting with a psychic virtually is the same as any transaction you make online. A person should do some research, so as to feel confident with their purchase. When hiring someone to provide any service, it is important to feel you are making a good buying decision. With psychic readings, this may be even more important, as you’ll need to ensure you are sending strong and positive energy for the psychic to read.

Messages of Opportunity and Possibilities

A psychic reading should be an inspiring message filled with affirmations and motivation. Tailor-made by a gifted ability, a good reading will help guide you through the present phase of your journey. Although a psychic may not be able tell you specifics about the where and whens of life, they should make you aware of opportunities that will come to pass along your journey. It is solely up to you and the universe to write the story that is your life.

Although a reading may reveal that you have negative feelings, or are holding on to negativity, it should never focus on this negative. In everyone’s life there is challenges and pain, but these challenges are meant to help you grow. They should not define who you are or what you do. These experiences are lessons to value, but should not take the focus away from the joy and love that lead us to our purpose. The best online psychic readings will show hope and offer guidance, and will never leave a person feeling hopeless.

No Room for Negativity

A psychic reading that holds a message of bad energy could simply be a warning gifted to you by the universe. Telling you to steer clear of certain things is not the same as being told you are inescapably surrounded by negative energy. A good psychic is one that has received their ability through love and uses it only to share love with others.

A good psychic would never encourage bad energies, and shouldn’t be given the attention either. A psychic that feeds into the possibility of negative results goes against everything the ability stands for; this type of psychic should be avoided.

If you feel a negative cloud hanging over your head, only joy and love can bring you out of that. Affirmation is a powerful tool in self-awareness, but only when focused on good. Telling yourself that your life is awful and only awful things are going to happen only increases the probability of that becoming your reality. Just as when we focus on positivity and growth, challenges and pain seem to be more easily conquered and become insignificant.

From a Blessing to a Curse

When a psychic reading goes from bad to worse, pay no mind, and mourn the loss of your money. A psychic that forewarns of darkness, or even a curse, is not someone you should do business with. Whether the psychic is overcome with negative feelings, or is a fraud looking for money, it is best just to move on and leave them to their own hurt and karma. You could write an email expressing your concern with the quality of service, and, depending on the circumstances, possibly receive a free reading and/or apology. There are also many opportunities to write online reviews of psychic readings, and if the psychic works for someone else, you can easily lodge a complaint.

Never will a good reading tell you of a curse, or focus solely on bad energy and doom. A true psychic has been blessed with a gift. Historically, these gifts were meant to be shared at no cost, but that was during a time when life was simple and money didn’t exist. People can’t rely on the goodness of people and tokens of gratitude in the same way as they could hundreds or thousands of years ago. Supporting this industry can help preserve this dying art, but should be done with an educated mind and open soul.

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