Monthly Archive: February 2020

Are You A Self-Doubter?

While working with a client I had an epiphany about the depth and breadth of self-doubt versus trust and faith. Some people trust themselves implicitly and conversely some people have self-doubt or second-guess themselves. Respectively, those who trust themselves implicitly…
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Depending On Yourself Without Doubt – Key To Success

Depending on yourself, without a doubt, is easier than you might think. You have the courage and strength within you to move beyond fear and limitation, with which to take your life to the next level. Teachers/professionals may point the…
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You Need To Overcome Any Challenge Life Threw At You

A new client came to resolve the emotional pain of losing his adult son, 6 1/2 months earlier. His son was the victim of an accidental gunshot wound–according to police. Notwithstanding, that we know nothing transpires by accident, it is…
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