Monthly Archive: June 2019

How To Leverage The 5 Things Highly Successful People Use

Highly successful people leverage these 5 things: They continuously dream big They step-up to contribute to every interaction They function with a level of confidence, and create the opportunities they desire instead of waiting for them to appear They consciously…
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The Hierophant? Is It Good To Appear During Tarot Card Readings?

To set things straight for those who are new to Tarot, The Hierophant has nothing to do with an elephant being a hero. The Hierophant was the name for a priest in ancient Greece and over the years, it has…
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Take the Stress Out of Stress

How would it be if you awoke every day feeling refreshed and confident about the day ahead, with enough energy and resilience in reserve to tackle whatever might be thrown your way? Yes, unexpected challenges crop up from time to…
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