Monthly Archive: October 2017

How to Gain the Greatest Benefits of Meditation

Once I was talking to a friend about the benefits of meditation and her response was a bit surprising. When I started talking about how much I got from my meditation habits, she said, “I just don’t want to do…
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Chakra Meditation

This meditation is great to practice any time of day, but especially good in the morning, after you’ve woken up. It helps to awaken and enliven the energy centers or chakras in the body. So let’s begin now. Close your…
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How To Use Guided Meditation for Greater Results

The choice between going it alone or using guided meditation is sometimes a difficult one to make. On surface, it seems that when you are thinking about starting a meditation program, it should be easy enough to do at home…
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Finding the Perfect Meditation Instruction for You

There is an ancient instruction from a Hebrew holy text that says “Get Thee a Teacher”. And whether you are religious or not, this is great advice. Meditation itself is an ancient art so it makes sense that we need…
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Why Qigong & Qigong Meditation Are Suddenly Spreading Like Wildfire

Ten years ago it was almost unheard of …Now it’s looking like it could even overtake Yoga as the new in-vogue mind-body practice of the day. Any guesses what I’m talking about?  You got it if you said “Qigong” and…
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